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Sensei Michael Veillon

(4th Degree Black Belt, OSMKKF Certified Instructor, Renshi)

Sensei Veillon successfully tested and received his Shodan rank in empty-hand karate, tuite (grappling), kobudo (weapons), and Aikido in September 2004, in Alexandria, LA, from Hanshi Jerry Partain (8th Degree Black Belt, founder of Ryukyu Shaolin Shakai and former director of Master Fusei Kise’s U.S. schools) .

In December 2005, Sensei Veillon successfully tested and received his Nidan rank in empty-hand karate and kobudo from Hanshi Partain.

In the spring of 2006, Hanshi Partain closed his dojo in Alexandria. Sensei Veillon continued teaching a small number of students over the summer of 2006 and decided to start his own dojo. At the en
d of the summer, he began corresponding with Hanshi John Shipes (8th Degree Black Belt and Western U.S. Director of Master Kise’s U.S. schools) and made the decision for his dojo to join Master Kise’s organization.

In December 2007, at Hanshi Shipes' annual Winter Tuite Camp, Sensei Veillon, despite suffering a knee injury during his sparring session, successfully tested and received his Sandan rank in empty-hand karate.

In November 2008, after 10 months of knee rehab, Sensei Veillon successfully tested and received his Sandan rank in kobudo (weaponry).

In November 2009, Sensei Veillon successfully completed his OSMKKF full instructor certification.

On April 10, 2010, Sensei Veillon successfully tested and received his Yondan rank in empty-hand karate and kobudo, as well as the title of Renshi.

Sensei Veillon enjoys teaching children and adults. He was an Assistant Scout Master for BSA Troop 431 in Woodworth, LA, a member of the Beauregard District training team for BSA leaders in the Louisiana Purchase Council (BSA), a BSA merit badge instructor, and he has also coached youth soccer and youth volleyball. 

His students quickly learn that he is very upbeat and that they can ask him any question and receive supportive feedback from him. Even though he strives to always have fun, his students all understand how serious and committed he his to everything he involves himself in. Sensei Veillon knows how to provide just the right balance of discipline, motivation, and guidance to develop and bring out the personal best in every individual. His delivery style has been described as “knowledgeable”, “enthusiastic”, “patient” and “honest”. He constantly strives to teach each student at the individual level and speed that they require to develop the confidence and skills needed to fully take advantage of their training. 

Sensei Veillon is also a senior engineer for Cleco (an electric utility company in central Louisiana), working in the Transmission Planning and Energy Control department.

Sensei Veillon

Sensei Teaching

Sensei overseeing sparring

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