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Group SeminarRear GrabGroup Seminar 1

Open Only to Women ages 12 and UP

Perfect for High School Seniors Preparing for College

- Classes consist of mixture of discussion, demonstration, and lots of hands-on practice.
- Learn simple, easy to remember, but very effective escape and self-defense techniques to reduce 
the anxiety over the possibility of attack and to enable you to deal with aggression when threatened.
- Learn to be aware of your surroundings at all times and gain confidence in being able to defend yourself.

-   Learn how to avoid being targeted as a victim.

 Seminars - Level 1 and Level 2 available
Level 1: Driving back an attacker and simple escapes
Level 2: More escapes, defending from the ground and defending against weapons

Check out the photos from a past seminar:
Women's Self-Defense Seminar - March 2009

Private seminars for companies, women's groups, clubs, etc. available upon request.
Ask about our group rates.

To book a private seminar, e-mail Sensei Veillon: SenseiVeillon@shorinbujutsu.com

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